Rs 5-crore bell-metal entrepreneur’s loans to be written off


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Guwahati: Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, during a day-long visit to Barpeta district on 29 September, took part in a number of events including the inauguration ceremony of Public Works Roads Department (PWRD) inspection bungalow and laying the foundation stone of Jagannath temple Monikut, along with the declaration of loanwaving of traditional bell-metal entrepreneurs.
Built at a cost of ₹2 crore with the State-owned priority development fund, the newly-constructed inspection bungalow of PWRD at Kayakuchi is spread across three floors with 11 rooms (6 are air-conditioned). During a brief meeting with PWRD officials and civil society group representatives, Sarma took stock of the various developmental activities. He directed the officials concerned to take necessary measures for timely completion of various projects.
Earlier Sarma laid the foundation stone for construction of a new sanctuary and the pathway leading to the historic Jagannath temple at Pachkhel Goyagoiyoroh of Sarthebari. He declared a sum of ₹50 lakh as the first tranche of funding from the government. Moreover, Sarma assured the residents of immediate actions in upgrading the Sarthebari civil hospital into a state-of-the-art hospital.

He also declared that loans and credits totalling ₹5 crore being availed by various bell-metal industry entrepreneurs will be treated as grants and neither the principal amount nor the interests would have to be returned. This would act as a huge boost to the bell-metal industry, Dr. Sarma added. He also stated that the ongoing improvement works on Jinaram Das road connecting Sarthebari with Pathshala will be completed soon.
Sarma assured the civil society members of necessary support from the government in mitigating their grievances while fulfilling their demands. He also paid a visit to Krishnaguru Sewashram at Nasatra area of the bell-metal town and sought blessings from the almighty. He was accompanied by Bhawanipur legislator Phani Talukdar, Palasbari MLA Hemanga Thakuria and Sarukhetri legislator Jakir Hussain Sikdar with a host of senior government officials.


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