India practices secularism, democracy and pluralism: RSS chief Bhagwat

♦Guwahati: India does not only preach but practices
secularism, democracy and pluralism as the great nation follows the
concept of vasudhaiva kutumbakam (world is one). Rashtriya Swayamsevak
Sangh (RSS) chief Dr Mohan Bhagwat, while inaugurating a book titled
‘Citizenship Debate over NRC & CAA: Assam and the Politics of History’
in the city on Wednesday also stated that Indian citizens do not need
to learn the concept of inclusiveness from other nations.
Sarsanghchalak Dr Bhagwat commented that since 1930, there have been
attempts to increase the Muslim population in a planned manner to
exercise dominance and slowly turn this nation into Pakistan. Hence
the original habitants got threatened to maintain their language,
culture and other social values when the systemic effort was made to
change its demography.

Speaking about CAA and NRC, Dr Bhagwat asserted that both have nothing
to do with the Muslim citizens in the country. But unfortunately, a
section of intellectual has tried to make it a Hindu-Muslim issue for
extracting political benefits out of the controversy. He asserted that
India was divided by a group of leaders without the endorsement of
millions of freedom fighters and common Indians.
They wanted a unified Bharat, but their dreams shattered when many of
them found themselves as Pakistani nationals, commented Dr Bhagwat
adding that after the partition, New Delhi addressed the concerns of
minorities, but Pakistan did not and it compelled hundred thousands of
persecuted Hindu, Sikh, Jain, etc families to leave their ancestor
villages and enter India.

Lately the country has witnessed the emergence of a large number of
people who demand all constitutional rights but they do not like to
perform duties defined by the same constitution, he opined adding that
Indians are all relatives even though they pursue different languages,
cultural activities, rituals and food-habits.
Thanking Professor Nani Gopal Mahanta for writing the book, Dr Bhagwat
hoped that it would provide an insight with facts to the political
turmoil that took place in recent past. Prof Mahanta expected an
informed debate over the highlighted issues in the book, which is
published by Sage International. The function was also addressed by
Assam chief minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma and Gauhati University
vice-chancellor Prof PJ Handique.

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